Month: October 2023

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Failing To Master Basic Winter Survival Can Get You Killed

As winter approaches, so do the challenges it brings, from plummeting temperatures to adverse weather conditions. Basic winter survival skills are essential to navigate through these harsh months, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just looking to stay prepared for unexpected situations. In this guide, we’ll delve into...

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Quick Tips For Keeping Halloween Fun And Safe

It’s time for Halloween, which is up there alongside Christmas on the kid calendar. You want your kids to go out and have a great time, but you want them to be safe. Halloween is generally a safe time, but it’s important to be extra mindful. After all, your kids are going out, possibly alone …...

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Igniting Hope in Damp Desolation: Mastering Fire Starting in Wet Conditions

Imagine being stuck in the wilderness. Your surroundings are damp and cold… and you have no heat source. These are the times when mastering the art of starting a fire isn’t a “nice to have”… it can make all the difference between life and death It doesn’t matter if you’re a camper, a hiker or …...

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Getting More From Your Garden: Preserving Your Home Harvest

Home gardens are fun, but they can also be delicious if you’re growing things that you and your family can eat. Too many home gardeners, however, are content to have a ton of tomatoes that last a week and then give the rest away – or worse than that, throw them out when they go …...

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Don’t Die: Cold Weather Layering For Survival

It’s easy to forget when you’re inside with the heat going or watching a roaring fire, but the winter is coming and with it the cold weather. That’s not a problem when you’re inside, though it might make you want to cry every time you see your heating bill.  When it can become a problem …...

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