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3 Core Survival Tactics for the Great Outdoors

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The allure of the great outdoors beckons many, but with it comes the undeniable reality of its unpredictability. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or find yourself unexpectedly thrust into nature’s embrace, understanding the fundamental survival pillars is crucial. At the core of any survival scenario are three vital elements: Water, Food, and Shelter. Here’s a detailed dive into the triumvirate of outdoor survival and how you can secure and maintain each.

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Water: The Lifeblood of Survival

Without water, our chances of survival dwindle rapidly. The human body can only go about three days without it, making securing a safe water source a top priority.

  • Importance: Water aids in digestion, regulates body temperature, and supports every bodily function. Without proper hydration, cognitive functions deteriorate, leading to poor decision-making.
  • Finding: Always aim to locate water uphill to tap into natural stream flow. Seek out areas with lush greenery, as they often indicate a nearby water source. Morning dew on plants can also provide a modest but vital source.
  • Storing: Using containers like canteens or water bladders is essential. If unavailable, improvising with leaves to funnel water or bamboo stalks as makeshift containers can be effective.
  • Purification: Always boil water to eliminate pathogens. If boiling isn’t possible, water purification tablets or solar disinfection are reliable alternatives.

Here’s a video from City Prepping that goes over 3 common mistakes people make when storing water. Take note!

City Prepping – 3 Mistakes Preppers Make When Storing Water

Water Checklist:

  • Collapsible water containers or durable canteens.
  • Water purification tablets or portable filters.
  • Metal container for boiling.
  • Cloth for filtering sediments.

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Food: Sustenance to Power Through

While the human body can survive weeks without food, having nourishment boosts morale, energy, and overall functionality.

  • Importance: Food provides the essential energy to perform survival tasks, keeps morale high, and ensures the body’s systems run effectively.
  • Finding: Familiarize yourself with local flora and fauna. While animals can be trapped or hunted, plants, fruits, and insects can be more accessible food sources. However, be cautious of poisonous varieties.
  • Storing: Smoke or sun-dry meats to preserve them. Fruits can also be dried or even buried underground in cooler temperatures to prolong their freshness.

Food Checklist:

  • Compact, high-calorie energy bars or rations.
  • Fishing line and hooks.
  • Simple snare wire or traps.
  • Guidebook on local edible plants and insects.
72 Hour Food Kit

Shelter: Protecting Against Nature’s Wrath

A solid shelter can mean the difference between a restful night and exposure to harsh environmental elements.

  • Importance: Shelters maintain body temperature, offer protection against wildlife, and provide a psychological sense of security.
  • Finding: Choose a spot away from falling rocks, rising water, or strong wind currents. Natural structures like caves can be ideal, but ensure they aren’t already occupied!
  • Building: Use available resources. Branches, leaves, and moss can create effective makeshift shelters. If in snowy terrain, an igloo or snow trench can be life-saving.

Shelter Checklist:

  • Compact tarp or emergency space blanket.
  • Strong cordage or paracord.
  • Pocket knife or multitool.
  • Insulated ground mat.

Nature, in all its beauty, can be a fierce adversary. But, with knowledge, preparation, and respect for the basics of outdoor survival – water, food, and shelter – we can not only survive but thrive. Equip yourself mentally and physically, prioritize these three fundamentals, and the wilderness will transform from a daunting challenge to a realm of boundless opportunity.

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