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3 Unusual (But Effective) Self Defense Weapons

With the government tightening down on gun ownership, many people fear they will be unable to protect themselves should they no longer be allowed to have one. Prior felons are also concerned since they are largely unable to obtain a firearm license anyway.

Here are some alternative self-defense weapons anyone can use that are also inexpensive and readily available.

Spray Weapons

Pepper spray is effective against an attacker, as it will temporarily stun someone, and make it impossible for that person to see. Aerosol sprays also make excellent alternative weapons that can be sprayed directly in the eyes. Common household items such as hairspray, spray starch or even perfume could all be used to protect yourself against an intruder in your home, and are also quick and easy to grab in a pinch.

Stabbing Weapons

Car keys can also be used as alternative weapons in a pinch. The end of a car key can be jabbed into an assailant’s throat, eyes, ears or nose in order to disable him or her. It also has the potential to cause permanent damage, which is why a key should only be jabbed into the eye area whenever your life is in danger.

The same benefits could be obtained from the use of a fountain pen or sharpened lead pencil. Just be aware that pencil lead could cause serious injury if it were to break off in the skin, and could also cause permanent blindness if stabbed in the eye. Other things you could use to “stab” an attacker would be the end of an umbrella, a pair of tweezers, or even a high-heeled shoe.

Flashlights as Alternative Weapons

Ultra-powered flashlights produce a light that is around 1,000 times brighter than what a typical flashlight produces. As such, one of these flashlights would temporarily blind an attacker if it were shined into that person’s eyes. This weapon would also give you an opportunity to further disable your assailant via a kick to the groin or elbow strike to the back of the head.

If you don’t have an ultra-powered flashlight, any heavy-duty flashlight could still deliver a searing blow and help level the playing field against someone bigger and stronger.

These are only a few of the alternative weapons that are readily available. Since they are also used as everyday objects, having at least one of them around you at all times could be beneficial in more ways than one.

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Last modified: March 24, 2023