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Welcome to Family Survival – your go-to resource for survival and preparedness education. We’re committed to empowering you, our valued reader, with the knowledge and skills to take an active role in your safety and well-being.

At Family Survival, we believe in the power of self-reliance. Our content equips you with the tools to navigate a range of situations confidently, promoting a sense of self-sufficiency that leads to peace of mind.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at survival skills. We’re also passionate about keeping you informed about news, government affairs, and issues that can impact the American family. We shed light on these topics, empowering you to make informed decisions, protect your loved ones, and contribute to a resilient community.

Family Survival values a strong and prepared community. We foster a culture of learning and mutual support by sharing skills and techniques. By preserving and passing on the wisdom of past generations, we ensure that valuable knowledge is not lost over time.

Our mission? To build a community of confident, informed, and resilient individuals ready to face any challenges that come their way. Welcome to Family Survival. Together, we are stronger.


Empowering individuals and families through education in survival, preparedness, and informed citizenship, fostering resilience, self-reliance, and a stronger community equipped to handle any challenge that may come your way.

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