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“Black Swan Event” Could Ruin Your Family’s New Year


CBS News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge delivered a thought-provoking and somewhat ominous prediction. She suggested a “Black Swan Event” could profoundly shock the world. Herridge shared her concerns during a recent roundtable discussion, responding to host Margaret Brennan’s inquiry about the potential unfolding of significant events in the upcoming year.

In prefacing her prediction, Herridge acknowledged the somber tone, stating, “Well, mine’s a little dark.” She then delved into her perspective, expressing a deep sense of concern that 2024 could be marked by a “Black Swan Event.” Herridge believes the Black Swan will be a national security event with high impact.

The term “Black Swan Event” was coined to describe a major catalyzing incident that appears unpredictable when it transpires but, in hindsight, seems inevitable. Such events are characterized by their extreme impact, with notable historical examples including the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008 or the September 11. While Black Swan Events can also take on a positive nature, Herridge emphasized the negative consequences she envisions specifically for the United States.

Her concerns encompass an enduring and heightened threat level, ongoing geopolitical conflicts such as those in Israel and Ukraine, and the deep political and social divisions within the United States. Herridge underlined how this internal divisiveness creates a fertile environment for potential adversaries like North Korea, China, and Iran, heightening the risk of unforeseen and impactful events on the global stage.

Host Margaret Brennan echoed Herridge’s sentiments, expressing agreement with the investigative reporter’s assessment. Brennan acknowledged the shared sense of anxiety about these concerns, emphasizing, “A lot of people are up at night with that concern, Catherine. At least in this town.” 

The acknowledgment underscores the gravity of the potential challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead in 2024, reinforcing the need for heightened awareness and preparedness on both national and global levels. As the year unfolds, the world will watch with a heightened sense of vigilance for any signs of the unforeseen ‘Black Swan Event’ that Herridge has cautioned about.

Black Swan Events are, by their very nature, almost impossible to predict and plan for. However, taking more general steps to prepare your family for an emergency can be helpful no matter what form a Black Swan Event takes. 

So how are you preparing your family for whatever may come? What steps do you consider to be the most important for general preparedness? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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