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Labor Day Weekend Travel for the Prepared: Essential Tips and Tools

Labor Day weekend often marks the final summer hurrah before the cool embrace of fall. Many use it as a chance to travel and enjoy time with family and friends. But as any survivalist knows, preparedness is vital, even during the most festive times. Here’s a guide to ensure that your Labor Day weekend trip …...

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Survival Pantry: Time-Tested Foods to Sustain Your Family When SHTF

In the game of survival, sometimes it’s the humble pantry that can be your MVP. In our world of convenient refrigeration, it’s easy to forget that many edibles can stand strong without the cold’s embrace. When the power goes out or when you’re hunkering down in a hideout, here’s what you can count on to …...

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Turning Saltwater into Fresh: Survival Hydration when SHTF

When SHTF, like really hits the fan, and you find yourself in a dire situation near the coast or onboard a vessel, fresh drinking water might become scarce. But there’s a survival trick worth its weight in gold: turning salt water into potable water. Here’s a basic guide on how to do just that. Understanding …...

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Hardtack: Crafting the Ultimate Survival Bread for SHTF Preparedness

Having a dependable source of sustenance is a paramount concern. Amidst the chaos of unforeseen emergencies, the ability to create and preserve nourishing food becomes a critical skill for hardcore survivalists. Enter survival bread, a timeless solution that stands the test of time and turmoil. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll...

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Alligator Hunting Season: Tips for Catching and Creating Delectable Meals

August marks the beginning of alligator hunting season, an exciting time for thrill-seeking adventurers and culinary enthusiasts alike. Catching alligators requires skill, caution, and respect for these powerful creatures. In this article, we will delve into essential tips for successful alligator catching and explore the mouthwatering...

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