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Food, Water and Medicine: Long-Haul Survival Prepping For The Whole Family

No one wants to think about it… but modern civilization is built on a flimsy foundation that could come crashing down at any moment.  Think about it: The power grid is extremely fragile. North Korea’s nukes aren’t for taking out cities. They’re for taking out our power grid with an EMP. What’s more, sophisticated hackers...

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Emergency, Family, Featured, First Aid, Outdoor Survival Skills, Prepping, Start Here, Supplies, Survival Skills

Earthquake Safety for Families from Preparation to Protection

Gearing Up to Guard Your Family Before Trouble Strikes In the ever-changing world of survival and preparedness, earthquakes pose a unique challenge. Unlike many natural disasters, they give no warning. One moment, everything is normal, and the next, the ground shakes violently beneath your feet. For families, especially with young ones,...

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Emergency, Family, Featured, First Aid, Prepping, Start Here, Supplies, Survival Skills

The New Survivalist’s Essential Guide to Natural Disasters

In observance of National Preparedness Month, it’s crucial to recognize that our planet, while breathtakingly beautiful, also hosts a variety of natural disasters. As budding survivalists, understanding these threats is the first step towards ensuring safety for ourselves and our loved ones. Preparedness isn’t just about...

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Doomsday Prepping 101: Taking Your First Steps

Life’s unpredictability can catch many off-guard, but a good Prepper stays a step ahead. If you’re setting foot into the world of doomsday preparation, this guide is your beacon. Understanding Your Motivation It all begins by understanding the reasons pushing you to prep. Nature’s unpredictable tantrums range from...

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10 Essential Hobbies for Survival and Prepping: Thrive in the Worst Conditions

In the world of survival and prepping, having a diverse skill set is the key for thriving in the face of adversity. While the image of a hardcore survivalist often involves rugged individuals conquering the wild, the reality is that a well-rounded set of hobbies can be just as crucial for ultimate preparedness. In this …...

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