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Are You Prepared for a Hurricane?

( – Despite significant restoration efforts, power outages are increasing as Hurricane Idalia strikes Florida and Georgia, leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity. Around 7:35 a.m. on Wednesday, Hurricane Idalia landed in the Florida Big Bend close to Keaton Beach. With maximum sustained winds of 125...

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Cultivating Survival: Best Foods to Grow During a Food Shortage

The Stark Reality of Food Shortages There’s an old saying that society is just three meals away from anarchy. It’s a sobering reminder of the fragile threads that hold our modern world together. With increasing global challenges, from climate change to political instability, the specter of food shortages isn’t just a...

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Surviving Earth’s Tremors: A Survival Guide for Earthquakes

When the ground beneath us begins to shake, the natural instinct is panic. But for survivalists, preparedness trumps panic every time. Earthquakes are unpredictable, violent, and can strike anywhere, so it’s crucial to be prepared. Here’s a breakdown of what to do before, during, and after an earthquake to ensure the safety...

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Survival Pantry: Time-Tested Foods to Sustain Your Family When SHTF

In the game of survival, sometimes it’s the humble pantry that can be your MVP. In our world of convenient refrigeration, it’s easy to forget that many edibles can stand strong without the cold’s embrace. When the power goes out or when you’re hunkering down in a hideout, here’s what you can count on to …...

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After the Hurricane Hits: SHTF Survival Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

When the winds die down and the rain stops pouring, that doesn’t mean you’re out of danger just yet. Post-hurricane environments are treacherous and unpredictable. The SHTF reality after a hurricane demands every survival instinct you’ve got. So, here are some essential tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe and...

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