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Chinese Hackers Prepare To Collapse American Infrastructure


Brace yourself: There’s troubling news about the American power grid and malicious state actors who want to leave you and your family in the dark. Understanding just how grave the problem is will help you and your family to be prepared in the event that these anti-American forces pull the trigger and open up a world of chaos by shutting down the entire American power grid

The Washington Post reports that Chinese hackers, backed by their tyrannical Communist state, have set their sights on crucial U.S. infrastructure, including the Texas power grid, a Hawaii water utility, and a West Coast port and pipeline. 

The report is based on information from U.S. government officials and industry security experts. It’s a troubling report revealing strategic moves by these sophisticated Chinese hackers to disrupt critical communications in the event of a conflict between the U.S. and China – and that doesn’t necessarily mean all-out war. 

What You Need To Know About China Targeting American Infrastructure

The threat is much more immediate than you think. Indeed, it’s not a question of “when” the Chinese-backed hackers will infiltrate the power grid and other elements of critical American infrastructure. It’s already a done deal, with these sophisticated hackers deep inside our nation’s infrastructure, just waiting to pull the trigger at a moment of their choosing. 

Chinese hackers, affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army, have infiltrated the computer systems of about two dozen critical entities over the past year. This includes communication, water, and power – all of which would leave the average American citizen completely unprepared. Indeed, if the power grid were to go down as a result of these attacks, most affected Americans would lose all access to food within three days. 

The hackers are also focused on laying the groundwork for disrupting critical communications in the event of a conflict between the U.S. and China. What this means is that not only will you not be able to call the police for help, the police won’t even be able to communicate with one another. Even federal government communications might break down making the prospect of relief anything soon a dim possibility. 

It’s not just limited to the United States. American allies have also fallen victim to these hackers, indicating a broader scope of their operations. The point isn’t just to punish America, it’s to cripple the entire free world. 

Who Are These Sophisticated Chinese Hackers?

So who are these Chinese-backed hackers?

The hacking group is known as the Volt Typhoon. They seek persistent access to organizations in various sectors, including communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, information technology, and education. The attack is not limited to official government institutions – private infrastructure providers are also targeted. 

For now, the hackers are now targeting the Indio-Pacific region, specifically Hawaii, with a focus on complicating U.S. efforts to send troops and equipment in the event of a conflict over Taiwan. This is particularly troubling as the Chinese saber-rattling heats up and the Communist nation takes concrete steps to conquer the tiny island nation. 

The hackers use sophisticated techniques, such as accessing home or office routers and targeting employee credentials, to conceal their activities.

In times of cyber threats and potential conflicts, vigilance is key. Stay tuned for more survival updates as we navigate these uncertain times together.

Are you preparing for an attack on America’s critical infrastructure? How are you getting your family ready? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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