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Family Adventure Time: Prepare For Life-Threatening Situations While Strengthening Bonds and Boosting Preparedness!


More and more prepared families are turning the idea of making being prepared into a fun and engaging adventure. Monthly survival challenges are becoming a beloved family tradition, bringing everyone together in activities that range from building cozy backyard shelters to cooking up imaginative meals using emergency supplies. 

These aren’t just ways to prepare every one of every age in your family for the worst. They’re also ways to increase the bonds across generations and spend quality time together. If you’re looking for a way to spend more time with your family that’s in alignment with your overall prepared lifestyle, look no further than these suggestions. 

Backyard Campout Extravaganza

Transform your backyard into a cozy retreat with makeshift shelters. From simple forts to creative structures, witness the joy as families build and enjoy their very own outdoor hideaways. Adults and kids alike will learn the basics of preparing shelter in an emergency while engaging in bond-building problem-solving activities together. 

Emergency Cooking Family Challenge

Survival food cooking and preparing can quickly become a family bonding adventure! Your family can come together to create delicious and imaginative meals using non-perishable items, or items that are about to go bad precisely because they’re the last thing anyone wants to eat. Get ready for a culinary journey that combines resourcefulness with a dash of family fun.

Family Emergency Plan Party

It’s not just a plan; it’s a family strategy session! Families are dedicating a day to draft and practice their comprehensive emergency plans. Discover the teamwork and laughter that goes into ensuring everyone feels secure during unexpected events.

DIY Water Filtration Fun

Water safety becomes a family affair as your household embarks on DIY water filtration experiments. Explore the creativity and laughter as families transform everyday items into clever tools for clean water. Considering just how essential water is going to be when it’s not coming out of the tap, this is maybe the most effective way you can prepare your children while brushing up on your own skills. 

Family Orienteering Challenge

When GPS doesn’t work, many people are going to have no idea where they’re going. This is especially true of younger generations who have had GPS directions for their entire life. So embark on an exciting adventure armed with nothing more than compasses and maps. This orienteering challenge isn’t just about finding the way; it’s about creating lasting memories and sharing in the triumphs and laughs along the journey.

Family Preparedness Day


Consider organizing community preparedness events with other prepper, survivalist, and homesteading families in your area. This is an opportunity to get some socializing time in with other families, as well as learn more about the community you live in Dive into the stories of neighborhoods coming together to share skills, and resources, and build a support network that extends to every family’s doorstep.

This isn’t just about being prepared; it’s about making family memories that last a lifetime. With monthly challenges, families are turning preparedness into a dynamic adventure that strengthens bonds and creates a sense of togetherness. Get ready to witness the love, laughter, and resilience that families are bringing to the forefront as they embark on these survival challenges, hand in hand.

What does your family do to spend time together while increasing your survival skills? What works for big kids and little kids alike? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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