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Globalists Move Doomsday Clock Up, Raising Fears

In the aftermath of the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering of global power players, alarming news about a potential pandemic with a fatality rate 20 times higher than COVID-19 has emerged. The globalist elites are now sounding the alarm through the annual update of the Doomsday Clock, signaling the closest proximity to global destruction ever recorded.

For those concerned about the looming collapse of civilization, the globalists are not just predicting but actively advocating for extreme measures, including mass vaccinations, world government, and the erosion of basic freedoms.

Disease X, the mysterious pathogen with a fatality rate 20 times that of COVID-19, is at the forefront of globalist warnings. Described as a potential force capable of bringing humanity to its knees, Disease X poses a severe threat, leading to healthcare systems crumbling and economies collapsing.

During a recent WEF conference, world leaders expressed growing apprehension about Disease X, acknowledging its potential devastation. The globalist establishment, including the World Health Organization (WHO), openly admits its lack of knowledge about this unknown pathogen, emphasizing the risk of a serious international epidemic.

In the face of such uncertainty, individuals seeking to safeguard their health must find solutions. The globalists, including the WHO and WEF, are preparing for the worst, openly confessing their cluelessness about the nature of Disease X.

Our healthcare system has shown signs of cracking under the pressure of local outbreaks in recent years. From hospital corruption to medication restrictions, people are realizing the system’s limitations. The memory of overwhelmed hospitals and the production of questionable vaccines during the last pandemic is still fresh.

With Disease X on the horizon, the University of Oxford, in collaboration with the UK, claims the ability to develop new vaccines adapted from the COVID-19 vaccine in just 100 days. Questions arise about what they know and what they might be hiding from the public.

Richard Hatchett, CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), emphasizes the need to prepare for Disease X, dismissing it as something out of science fiction. The swift nature of the last pandemic caught many off guard, and whether the next one is a ‘lab accident’ or a full-blown bioweapon, being unprepared is not an option for those concerned about the survival of civilization.

How are you and your family preparing for “Disease X” – either the disease itself or the predictable government crackdown? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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