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Holiday Travel Can Be Deadly: Here’s How To Stay Safe


Everyone loves the holidays, not least of all because it’s a time for getting together with your family. However, holidays also involve a lot of travel and that can be dangerous even under the best conditions. Introduce inclement weather or a “minor” natural disaster into the mix and you’re looking at 

Whether you’re planning a routine destination trip or you’re worried about how to make sure that drive to grandma’s house is safe even if you’re facing down an EMP, it’s important for all preparedness and survival-minded families to take extra precautions for any trips made during the winter months. 

Planning Your Trip

It’s always true that planning to fail is failing to plan. This is even more true during the winter months when the surprise of inclement weather means you might be stuck somewhere between home and your final destination for an extended period of time. 

Trip planning during the winter months takes a little extra time and effort than it does during other seasons when inclement weather isn’t much of a concern. Still, you’re going to be glad you made that extra little effort and took the extra time to plan your trip. 

  • Check The Weather: It sounds basic, but it’s still a step that people forget time and again – at their own peril. You need to keep an eye on the weather where you start, where you finish, and all points in between. Anything else is flirting with disaster or, at the very least, a seriously inconvenient stop or detour.
  • Explore Alternate Routes: Because inclement weather can come unannounced, you need to make plans for abandoning your tried and true route and be ready to take one a little more out of the way. Have at least two alternate routes ready and keep physical maps inside your car at all times.
  • Winter Vehicle Preparedness: What works for your car in October won’t necessarily work for your car in December or January. So make sure that you have tires with proper tread and snow chains if you’re going somewhere you might need them. Pack an emergency travel kit with blankets, fire-starting material, backup batteries, water, and nonperishable food. 

Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Crime spikes around the holiday season. There are multiple reasons for this. People get more desperate financially around the holiday season, it’s true. However, much of the crime that takes place during the holiday season is opportunity crime – criminals do more crime because crime is easier to commit.

That’s because people are gone more and even if they’re home, the chances of happening upon an intoxicated person being less able to defend themselves is far greater. What’s more, with all those gifts in the house, the opportunity to make a big score is far greater. 

If you’re going out, make sure to have a neighbor keep an eye on your house. Light timers are great if you can get them. Smart house features like web-enabled security cameras and alarms come with serious privacy issues, but you might prefer the chance you’re being spied on by Amazon to the chance of your house getting looted while you’re away. Flood lights, set off by motion and placed around your house can also be a serious deterrent to any would-be criminals looking to make a score off of your house.

Keeping Your Home Safe When You’re There

Obviously, if someone breaks into your home when you’re not there, it’s a lot better than if they break into it when you are. In the former, you only have to worry about a loss of property. In the latter, you’re looking at the very real loss of life in addition to property. 

So how can you keep your home extra safe during the holidays?

  • Home Defense Plan: You need to have a home defense plan in place regardless of the time of year, but it’s more crucial when the crime rate spikes. Your family should know what to do in the event that you’re forced to defend their lives and your own with lethal force.
  • Safe Rooms: You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a safe room. Any house where people can go to and find communication and self-defense tools that are either hidden or secured can be a safe room. This safe room should be a part of your home defense plan.

The holidays should be a time of joy and mirth for everyone. So make sure that it stays that way by securing your home for the most wonderful time of the year. A little bit of effort on your end now can ensure a happy and fruitful holiday season for everyone. 

What are you doing to secure your home for the holidays? Ever been a victim of crime over the holidays? Share your experiences in the comments below. 

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