Is America Headed For Economic Collapse In 2024?



Brace yourself – there’s a storm brewing on the economic horizon. 

Recent reports reveal a surge in inflation, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – the authorities are downplaying the severity of the situation. US households are taking a hit with a significant income drop, pushing us closer to the brink of an imminent economic collapse. This is not a drill; it’s time to gear up for the chaos that lies ahead.

Signs Of The Impending Economic Collapse

There are a troubling number of undeniable signs signaling the impending economic mayhem:

  • Bond Market Turmoil: Global markets felt shockwaves in September due to soaring US government bond yields. Some long-term Treasury securities are trading at crisis levels not witnessed since the 2008 financial meltdown. The fear is real – more banks may collapse, reminiscent of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank’s downfall last March.
  • Credit Card Catastrophe: Credit card companies are facing losses at a pace unseen in three decades, rivaling the downturn of the 2008 recession.
  • Bankruptcy Surge: August 2023 saw over 39,000 bankruptcy cases, marking an 18% increase from the previous year. A year-long trend of rising bankruptcy filings reveals the devastating impact of current economic policies.
  • Mortgage Mayhem: Mortgage rates are hurtling towards an unprecedented 8%, rendering homes unaffordable in 99% of US counties. The American Dream of homeownership now feels like a distant fantasy.
  • Inflation Onslaught: American households are now shelling out $709 more for the same goods as two years ago. Everyday items, even small comforts like a box of Girl Scout cookies, have seen staggering price hikes, signaling a rapid deterioration in our standard of living.
  • Loss of Spending Power: Since January 2021, Americans have lost over $7,100 in spending power, thanks to inflation during the current administration’s tenure.

Despite the glaring red flags, the mainstream media remains dismissive, if it addresses these concerns at all. For prepared, patriotic Americans, the writing has been on the wall for a while.

American Financial Disarray By The Numbers

There are a number of highly troubling economic statistics that should cause all prepared citizens alarm – and get them getting ready for what might be an inevitable economic collapse. 

  • Looming Debt Disaster: Projections show our debt-to-GDP ratio skyrocketing to a mind-boggling 225% by 2050 – a ticking financial time bomb waiting to explode!
  • Mounting National Debt: An alarming $8 trillion increase in our national debt in just three years.
  • Unbridled Borrowing: A jaw-dropping average of $5.2 billion borrowed every day for the next decade!
  • Sky-High Interest Payments: Brace for an astounding $1 trillion in interest payments in a single year.
  • Tax Revenue Decline: A worrying 8% drop in tax revenue over the past tumultuous 12 months.
  • Debt Ceiling “Crisis” Aftermath: Since the crisis, the debt has surged by $1.5 trillion, with no signs of stopping.
  • Runaway Government Spending: 2023 expenditures have skyrocketed by 40% compared to 2019 figures, raising serious questions about fiscal responsibility.
  • Dodging Default… Temporarily: We narrowly escaped default by uncapping the debt ceiling until 2025, but it’s just a temporary band-aid.

As total consumer debt surpasses a staggering $31 trillion, homeless encampments are starting to overwhelm cities across the United States. It’s time to hunker down, fortify your preps, and get ready for the economic storm that’s about to hit. 

This is not a test – it’s survival mode, and your readiness could make all the difference.

Are you getting ready for economic collapse in the United States? What are you doing to prepare yourself? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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