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Is it Okay to Drink Water from a Waterfall?

Hydration is crucial to life and is a essential survival precedence. As a useful resource, it’s second solely to air in significance.

Finding water in the wild throughout a survival state of affairs or simply an prolonged trek is important and in such instances what may very well be extra of a blessing than seeing a gorgeous waterfall dashing with its seemingly limitless quantity of water?

You would possibly suppose your water troubles are over, however are they? Is it okay to drink water from a waterfall?

Water from a waterfall is drinkable solely whether it is filtered and handled first. It may be simply as contaminated as every other pure supply.

Little doubt about it, waterfalls are spectacular and often a handy pure supply of water, nevertheless it actually is not any safer to drink water from a waterfall than every other supply. In the remainder of this text we are going to check out a few of the potential dangers of doing so and let you know mitigate them.

Water from a Waterfall Positive Seems to be Refreshing

For anybody studying who has ever been actually thirsty, and I imply dangerously thirsty, you in all probability daydreamed (or hallucinated) a few waterfall of pure, clear water in your darker moments.

The considered a boundless quantity of chilly, frothy, pure water crashing down round you was, little doubt, heavenly. I’d wager my backside greenback that anybody in related straits would pray to search out the identical.

In these circumstances, you couldn’t blame anybody for simply ingesting from it as quickly as they might lay palms on it, or stick their head beneath the falls.

However in actuality, that water might be simply as soiled as every other water supply one would possibly discover within the wild.

Whereas it’d certainly be refreshing, until you’re taking the right precautions it might make you very, very sick, and even kill you.

Whitewater Purity: Fable or Fact?

Regardless of how onerous we attempt, there are some well-liked however false survival conceptions “that everybody is aware of” that appear to stay round regardless of all makes an attempt at eliminating them.

For instance, such knowledge as you possibly can drink your personal urine to outlive, moss will solely develop on the north aspect of a tree, and sucking snake venom out of a chunk will prevent.

One other one in all these all-star notions is the concept that water from a “whitewater” (transferring, foaming) supply is a few of the purest, most secure water yow will discover in nature.

It’s straightforward to see the place this concept comes from: waterfalls and different whitewater sources are always transferring and closely aerated, plus they’re imagined to be situated in pristine environments that aren’t topic to the identical air pollution sources as different water sources.

Sadly, that is yet one more delusion busted and buried: waterfalls and different transferring water sources can and often are simply as contaminated as every other pure water supply.

If the Water is Soiled Earlier than the Falls, it Will Be Soiled After

It’s a disgrace. Waterfalls ought to be clear and pure, dang it. However they aren’t, and the rationale why they aren’t ought to be apparent.

Water that’s contaminated earlier than tumbling and crashing over the falls goes to be contaminated when it reaches the underside. That’s it. There isn’t any cleansing or purification that occurs simply because the water is transferring.

As well as, many of those lovely pure wonders are situated close to (or far) from closely populated areas, farms, mines, sewage vegetation, and industrial websites. This implies they’ll decide up all kinds of nastiness from runoff, unintended spills, and dumping.

Waterfalls situated deep within the wilderness are hardly ever significantly better since pure sources wind up hideously contaminated with all types of pure nastiness that may nonetheless damage or kill you.

You possibly can anticipate finding the entire following and extra ready in your water on the backside of the falls, if you happen to cared to check it:

  • Animal feces
  • Animal carcasses
  • Human waste
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Fertilizers
  • Petroleum merchandise
  • Heavy metals
  • Silt and sediment
  • Micro organism
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • And extra!

Whew, that’s fairly an inventory. And although it isn’t exhaustive by any means it does present you what you’re up in opposition to.

Typical Waterborne Illnesses Ready in Waterfall Water

However, in case you are actually thirsty, in a rush, or simply tempted you might refill your bottle or take a sip from a waterfall.

What’s the worst that would occur?! Effectively, fairly a number of issues, truly.

Beneath is a brief and not at all an exhaustive record of waterborne sicknesses that may assail you if you happen to drink untreated waterfall water.


Giardiasis, additionally identified humorously as “beaver fever,” is a parasitic an infection that impacts the gastrointestinal tract.

The commonest symptom is diarrhea, which could be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. Extreme giardiasis may trigger weight reduction and fatigue.

The parasites accountable for the an infection are usually present in contaminated water, akin to ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. Will also be present in meals that has been contaminated with feces.

The easiest way to forestall Giardiasis is to apply good hygiene and keep away from ingesting or swimming in contaminated water.


Cryptosporidiosis is one other crushing intestinal sickness brought on by a microscopic parasite known as Cryptosporidium. The parasite is present in each water and soil, and might infect animals and people alike.

Signs of cryptosporidiosis embrace watery diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. The sickness is mostly seen in younger kids, as their immune methods are usually not but absolutely developed.

But when it does take maintain in adults the parasite may cause extra extreme signs. Cryptosporidiosis is handled with fluids and electrolytes to forestall dehydration and infrequently requires hospitalization.


Shigella is a bacterium associated to E. Coli that always causes dysentery. The commonest signs are diarrhea, which might vary from gentle to extreme.

Different signs embrace cramping, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, and fever. In extreme instances, shigellosis can result in main dehydration and dying.

The easiest way to forestall shigellosis is to apply good hygiene and keep away from ingesting questionable water.


Most individuals haven’t heard of salmonellosis, however nearly everybody is aware of what it’s: meals poisoning! Particularly, salmonellosis is an an infection brought on by salmonella micro organism.

Although identified for occurring after ingestion of contaminated meals you possibly can simply catch it from unhealthy water, too. Flu-like signs of salmonellosis embrace diarrhea, fever, nausea, and stomach cramps.

The sickness could final for per week and assuming there are not any issues (otherwise you aren’t in the midst of a survival state of affairs) you need to be okay on the finish.

Nonetheless, some folks could develop a extra extreme type of the sickness which might unfold to the bloodstream. Not good!

Legionnaires’ Illness

Legionnaires’ Illness is a severe lung an infection that’s brought on by the Legionella micro organism. The micro organism are present in water, and other people can develop into contaminated in the event that they merely breathe in water droplets that include the micro organism.

The illness is mostly seen in people who find themselves hospital sufferers or who dwell in nursing houses, as these environments present the right breeding floor for the micro organism nevertheless it happens within the wild, too.

Signs embrace fever, headache, muscle ache, and shortness of breath. If left untreated, the illness can result in pneumonia and issues may cause dying in wholesome adults. Early prognosis and remedy are important for a constructive end result.

Waterfalls are No Exception to the Rule: Don’t Drink Untreated Water

So, water from a waterfall will not be protected as-is. What to do, then? The identical factor you’d do with every other pure water supply: filter it and, if needed, chemically deal with it earlier than use.

There are various alternative ways to filter water, however probably the most well-liked and efficient strategies accessible to preppers and hikers is utilizing a transportable water filter.

These filters are available all sizes and shapes, and a few could be terribly efficient at eradicating all method of impurities. Regardless of which kind of filter you select, make sure that it’s rated for viruses in addition to micro organism and protozoa.

As for chemical remedy, iodine tablets are a preferred alternative amongst hikers and preppers. Iodine is efficient at killing most waterborne pathogens, nevertheless it does have the potential to make water style quite disagreeable.

Should you go this route, remember to comply with the directions on the package deal to the letter. since ratios are essential for security and effectiveness.

Lastly, don’t neglect that you may boil water to kill off pathogens. Boiling water for one minute is ample to kill just about each micro organism and protozoa, and most viruses. Take note this does nothing for many chemical and dissolved strong contamination.

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Is it Okay to Drink Water from a Waterfall?

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