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Legal Pepper Spray for the UK – UK Preppers Guide



Legal Pepper Spray For The UK
Non Lethal Survival Defence

In this article I review the Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray, an alternative legal pepper spray for the UK. This spray is compact and 100% UK legal.

Furthermore it’s ideal for security guards, dog walkers, students, hikers, runners, in fact it’s perfect for anyone who wants that extra peace of mind and protection when out and about.

Carrying an offensive weapon in the UK is taken very seriously by our police and our court judges – so much so that most “weapons” are considered as illegal to carry.
Likewise, UK laws regarding self defence are quite strict for any member of the general public.

This, in turn, means most forms of self defence are practically non existent and extremely limited in the UK, most would say too limited, with not enough protection available for the average UK citizen…

Anyone involved with self defence will always tell you these simple facts –

First Golden Rules Of Self Defence:

  • Never put yourself in a dangerous situation in the first place.!
  • Always be very aware of your surroundings
  • Be aware of people around you
  • Never travel alone, if possible
  • Use different routes to work or home
  • Do not walk along the road texting

UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

So, what can you do to help deter any unwanted attacker legally?

Firstly, when it comes to self defence you are allowed, by law, to use reasonable force proportional to the threat, or perceived threat,  against you.
Simply put, if you think your going to be attacked or are actually being attacked you have a perfect right to defend yourself.

Are you aware of what’s happening around you?

Furthermore, if you have excised proper situation awareness, and you anticipate an attack, then there’s one thing you can use to gain advantage,
That is the use of a UK legal version of ‘pepper spray’ –  this spray deterrent comes within that law.

What about non legal pepper spray?

Of course, there are several other forms of self defence sprays available, used mainly by the police – with Maze or Pepper Spray being the main two alternatives. These are not readily available to the general public within the UK.

pepper spray is illegal in the uk

Police Using Pepper Spray

Why is pepper spray classed as illegal in the UK?

Pepper sprayoleoresin capsicum sprayOC spraycapsaicin spray, or capsicum spray is a compound that irritates the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness.

Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, temporarily taking away vision. It also causes temporary discomfort and burning of the lungs which causes shortness of breath.

Therefore actual pepper spray is designed to cause the attacker harm: this is considered illegal in the UK.
It also comes under the UK firearms law and is in the same category as a firearm, so we, the general public, can’t use it…

So what are the legal pepper spray Alternatives for the UK?

The only real LEGAL PEPPER SPRAY ALTERNATIVE  for us here in the UK that we have which is a good, effective equivalent to the ‘real’ Pepper Spray found abroad and used by our police is the Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray. 

UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

Advantages Of The Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray:

  • Can be carried by any adult for personal protection
  • This is a non lethal defence spray
  • Contains no chemicals or toxins
  • Spray range upto 4 mtrs
  • This Spray Container is a very discreet size, measuring only 95mm x 36mm and is a good deterrent that is capable of stopping a mugger or attacker in his tracks.

    When it is sprayed at the face it will completely disorientate the attacker.
    Therefore the natural instinct is to back off – when it is sprayed at the eyes it will cause blurred vision, this makes any attack even more difficult.

    UK pepper spray alternative testing

    I have tested this legal pepper spray on myself –  I can assure you it was not exactly a pleasant procedure!

    The results of my test:

    I found it wasn’t possible to do anything much other than attempt to cover up and protect myself and my face from the spray. (see my review video below)

    The next thing I found was: the natural instinct is to try and wipe it off – trust me, this makes things a lot worse.!

    For instance, just imagine the panic factor you have just instilled into an attacker when he looks down and sees he has blood red hands after you have just sprayed him..!?

    farb gel legal pepper spray

    The red spray will remain on the attackers skin and clothing for up to 7 days [in fact I landed up throwing the tee shirt away as it was a pain trying to wash the red dye out!].

     The staying power of the spray dye makes the police very aware of the potential attacker and easier to track down

    This spray has been specifically designed to meet all of the UK legal requirements and is totally legal to carry here.

    Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK

    In conclusion:
    He will not of been expecting it and have no idea what might of just happened, and probably be more scared and ready to run off, than you!

    Furthermore I feel it is definitely a ‘must have’ item and without doubt, one of the best parts is the red coloured gel remains on the attacker, therefore making them instantly recognisable to the police and as a potential threat.

    I like this Legal Pepper Spray for the UK very much and have made quite sure I have several for my family to carry – especially as they are both cheap and effective, and completely legal to carry.

    One important thing to consider:

    It will not drop an attacker or render him useless, you will not see him rolling around on the floor in agony. There is nothing we can legally use that will do that!

    BUT, what is does do is give is precious seconds to make an escape while he is temporally blinded, disorientated and unable to see you.

    If he cant see you, he cant attack you!

    UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

    Do you even need a method of self defence in the UK.?

     Here’s some of the latest figures and statistics from the governments own information website, The Office of National Statistics, For some more information on this, see my article – self defence in the UK

    Additionally I have found out a couple of legal points regarding the Spray – please read before you buy:

    • This spray is only legal in UK mainland and wont be shipped outside of the UK mainland
    • There are some concerns as to whether it is legal to ‘use’ in Northern Ireland.- you can own the spray but you may possibly be breaking the Northern Ireland laws if you ‘use’ it..

    In conclusion,  as an Alternative UK Legal Pepper Spray for self defence this product ticks all the boxes and is something to consider for all the family, especially as it is effective and easy to use.

    See the full video of me testing out this criminal identifier spray on myself.

    I review and test out the spray on myself to see how it performs.
    To show how it can be used and its effectiveness.

    Even trying to wash it off straight away wouldn’t shift it…!

    UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

    Safehaus Spray should be used in an emergency situation only.
    UKpreppersGuide  accepts no liability or responsibility for improper use of any kind or possession of this product.
    UK Sales only.

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    Martial Arts Systems For Devastating Self-Defense



    Self-defense is always a hot topic in the survivalist and prepper community and with good reason – you don’t have to be in an “end of the world” type scenario for self-defense techniques to pay off. 

    It can happen to anyone: walking alone or even with your family and you take the wrong turn. Or maybe it’s the right turn, just at the wrong time. In any event, the point is that even the most gentle, well-meaning people have found themselves on the wrong end of a raging psychopath, a deranged crack addict or someone just looking for trouble. 

    Shockwave Mini

    When that happens, you might not be able to get to your everyday carry weapon. Even if you can eventually get to a concealed firearm or other weapon, you might have to fight your way to get it – what are you going to do if your attacker pins your strong arm (or even both of them) against your body in a bear hug?

    This is why it’s so important to know something in the way of hand-to-hand self-defense combat. Your life and your family’s might just depend on it. 

    What Works And What’s Bullshido?

    You can go to a self-defense course on just about every street corner these days. The issue is that all of these are not created equally. 

    Take for example, kung fu. It’s a fascinating art and a beautiful one with a long, rich history and exotic traditions. However, in a real-life street fight it’s probably going to have you counting the street lamps from your back and your teeth after you manage to get up.

    Shockwave Mini

    Brazilian ju-jitsu and mixed martial arts gyms are incredibly popular these days, but as much as their proponents like to boast about how “combat tested” they are, this is simply not the case. Federal agencies have increasingly ceased relying upon them to train their undercover agents, because they’re just not up to snuff for a real-life street fight, mostly because they’re far too complicated for people to remember when push comes to shove – literally. 

    So what can you count on in a real-life street fight?

    The Deadly Art Of Kicking Butt

    Man attacking with bare hands

    If you’re already taking a martial art it’s not absolutely necessary that you switch from whatever you’re doing to something else more “battle tested.” In fact, what you know is certainly better than nothing, especially if you’re an experienced hand at the art. 

    However, you might want to consider dropping into a seminar or three for the purpose of learning some very direct, effective and brutal tactics that you can deploy in a real-life street fight. 

    There are three martial arts that are very good places to begin your hunt for these battle hardened tactics. We’re certainly not endorsing every martial arts school that teaches these, but, as a rule, these are the kinds of places that are going to be more oriented toward what works on the street than what works in the ring.

    • American Kenpo: This is what Elvis took and it’s a really interesting art that flies under the radar. American kenpo has always been about devastating strikes, crippling joint locks and fight ending chokes. “Kenpo 5.0,” an offshoot of American kenpo integrates the techniques from modern grappling arts that work on the streets, while ditching the rest. 
    • Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee fashioned his own martial art on the principle that students should do what works for them and not waste their time learning anything else. It’s specifically designed for street combat with a hard stance against sport competition, which practitioners see as watering down the art. JKD studios vary widely from one place to another. 
    • Krav Maga: This was developed by the Israeli Defense Forces to train recruits in brutally effective fighting tactics as quickly as possible. It’s primarily based on striking techniques, but it also involves a heavy dose of learning how to take deadly weapons away from people. To get a black belt you have to fly to Israel and disarm a soldier of his bayoneted combat rifle. Fun!

    Shockwave Mini

    Before you sign up, make sure to at least watch a class, though it’s very common for martial arts schools to allow people to take a single class for free. If you don’t feel that you’re welcome or the instruction simply isn’t your style, keep looking. Like we said at the very beginning, there are tons and tons of martial arts schools around for you to choose from. 

    Remember that what works in the ring isn’t necessarily (and probably won’t) work in the street. So if you’re committed to learning self-defense, make sure that you pick something that’s designed for combat. If you’re already learning something that’s designed for sport, consider augmenting your studies. Because you never know when violence is going to come knocking on your doorstep. 

    *This article has third party affiliate offers*

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    Surviving the Unthinkable: 5 Lifesaving Items for When SHTF



    survival and exploration in the wild. Man vs wild.

    In the world of survival and preparedness, planning for the worst is a must. When SHTF, having these critical items will prepare you to survive and defend yourself when societal norms collapse. It will be you against the world in the wilderness. Check out this quick video from Calculated Survival that gives you 5 items to help you survive when shit gets real.

    Calculated Survival – 5 Items to Survive

    Think power grid failures, catastrophic natural disasters, or even finding yourself stranded in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on your back. At these moments, having the right tools can mean the difference between life and death. Here are five such items that every serious survivalist must-have.

    A Good Solid Knife

    Bushcraft Knife and campfire in the evening

    The heart of any survival kit, a reliable knife is multifaceted. Beyond its obvious use for cutting, a knife can be crucial for hunting, food preparation, and even defense. The blade should be sharp, sturdy, and capable of maintaining its edge through the rigors of survival situations. Your life might very well depend on its strength and reliability.

    Ferro Rod

    The ability to start a fire is fundamental. From boiling water and cooking food to keeping warm and signaling for help, fire is paramount. In a world where lighters can fail and matches can get wet, the Ferro Rod emerges as a dependable fire-starting tool. With its long lifespan and ability to produce sparks even in wet conditions, it’s a lifeline you can trust.

    Shockwave Mini

    Paracord, Particularly Survivor Cord

    When you’re thinking of survival, paracord should be at the forefront of your mind. This versatile rope is a staple for a multitude of tasks. But not just any paracord will do. Survivor cord takes it up a notch by incorporating fishing line for catching food, tinder for fire-starting, and wire suitable for setting up animal traps. With this, you can craft shelters, snares, or even makeshift fishing gear.

    Shelter Tools, like Tarps and Heat Reflectors

    Exposure is a silent and deadly threat in survival situations. A tarp provides a quick and efficient shelter against rain, wind, and even the sun’s scorching heat. Pair this with a heat reflector, and you’ve got a system to keep you warm, amplifying the heat from your fire and directing it towards you, a true boon in cold environments.


    Water Filtration System

    Clean water is the elixir of life. While you might endure weeks without food, mere days without water can prove fatal. In many scenarios, available water sources are teeming with harmful pathogens.

    Ready Filter
    Modern Need’s Ready Filter

    Having a reliable water filtration system ensures that you can safely hydrate, safeguarding against deadly waterborne diseases. Check out Modern Need’s Ready Filter to always have a reliable water source here!

    In conclusion, the stark reality of survival situations necessitates robust preparation. While the above items are invaluable, remember that the real survival tool is your mind. With the right knowledge, these tools, and the will to survive, you can weather even the gravest of situations. So gear up, stay informed, and always be ready for when SHTF.

    *This article contains 3rd party affiliate offers to keep the site free with new content*

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    The Art of Concealment: Best Places to Hide a Knife on Your Body 



    Hunting knife in a plastic sheath

    The Hidden Edge in Tough Times

    All throughout history, concealed knives have swayed the tide of battles, saved lives, and borne witness to raw, unyielding human spirit. As survivalists, we recognize the tactical advantage and peace of mind a discreetly hidden blade can provide. Here’s a deep dive into choosing the best places to conceal a knife on your body.

    Why Hide a Knife?

    Tactical Advantage: In sticky situations, surprise is your ally. A concealed blade can provide that edge, literally and figuratively. Discreet Utility Beyond defense, a hidden knife is an invaluable tool for mundane tasks, ensuring you’re always equipped without drawing unnecessary attention.

    Choosing the Right Knife for Concealment

    Before we dive into the “where,” we must address the “what.” Not all knives are suitable for hidden carry. Opt for:

    Compact Size: A blade that’s too long can be cumbersome and conspicuous.

    Secure Sheath: You want it to stay hidden and avoid accidents.

    Quick Release: In a crisis, you need to draw it swiftly.

    Best Places to Conceal a Knife on Your Body

    Ankle Holster: Tucked away in an ankle strap, it’s both discrete and easily accessible. Especially useful if you’re seated or downed.

    Behind the Back: In a horizontal sheath, a knife can be comfortably nestled at the small of your back. However, ensure it doesn’t poke you when you sit.

    Underarm Holster: Much like a shoulder holster for a firearm, there are harnesses that hold a knife snugly under your arm. Ideal for quick, intuitive access.

    Pocket Clip: While not entirely hidden, a good folding knife with a low-profile clip can be inconspicuous in your pocket.

    Inside the Waistband: This provides quick access while being hidden by your shirt. Make sure the grip is positioned for a smooth draw.

    Boot Top: Slipping a knife inside your boot, especially with a dedicated sheath, can be both concealed and quickly accessible.

    The Balance of Comfort and Access

    Finding the right spot is a blend of comfort and functionality. You want to:

    Ensure Mobility: Your concealed knife shouldn’t impede your movement.

    Practice Draws: Regularly practice drawing the knife to ensure smooth, swift access when needed.

    Always be mindful of local laws regarding concealed weapons. While a hidden knife is a survivalist’s tool, it’s essential to stay on the right side of the law. For the experienced survivalist, a concealed knife is more than just a tool or weapon; it’s a silent protector. As with all things survival, preparation and practice are key. Equip yourself, train regularly, and always be ready for whatever the wilderness—or life—throws your way.

    How do you conceal your knife and why?

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