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Staying Alive a Shoestring: Family Preparedness on a Budget


Survival preparedness is often associated with hefty expenses, but fortifying your family against unforeseen challenges doesn’t have to drain your bank account. In fact, many families find it prudent to stockpile supplies over a long timeline, picking up a few extra supplies here and there when and if they have the extra funds. 

If you think of prepping as a lifestyle, one that you practice day in and day out, it becomes much easier to simply acquire the little things that you need here and there as you go. While you might be rushing to get your ducks in a row because you think an emergency is coming next week, you need to remember two things: First of all, it’s probably not. Second of all, if it doesn’t, you’re not doing your family any kind of service by financially hamstringing them in the meantime. 

So here’s how you can start getting prepared, little by little on a budget.

Maximizing Value for Minimum Cost

Water is the first and most essential resource you’re going to need in a survival situation. Unfortunately, it’s pretty cumbersome, so instead of stockpiling water, you need a filtration solution. Fortunately, these can be incredibly cheap, even if you have to stock each member of the family with their own – which you absolutely should. 

Next on your list of priorities is food. Too many preppers getting started think they have no other option than to buy expensive “survival food.” In fact, the bedrock of your survival plan with regard to food should be non-perishable staples like rice, beans, pasta, canned goods, and other things with very long shelf lives. Wait for sales to maximize your buying power. 

Consider investing in a coffin freezer or a dehydrator when you have the money. These will allow you to slowly stock up your larder in advance of a catastrophe. 

Next up is medical supplies. You want to focus on the basics here, like bandages, antiseptics, and pain or fever relievers. Again, you can stock up here when things go on sale. You can also use the time you have now to begin learning basic DIY first aid techniques using common household items. 

Bigger Ticket Items Without Breaking The Bank


There are a number of bigger ticket items that you should seriously consider investing in. Some of these have little or no use in a non-survival scenario, so you might be understandably worried about spending a big chunk of change on them.

This is what Black Friday sales are for. Research what the items you need the most went for last Christmas around Black Friday. Then save up that money, piece by piece over the course of the year. You might be a little bit off, but coming up with the difference is going to be a lot easier on your pocketbook than trying to come up with all that money at once during the regular part of the year. 

Most prepper gear is deeply discounted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, including those bigger ticket items like generators, dehydrators, coffin freezers, and the like. 

Remember, the essence of survival is resourcefulness, and a well-prepared family is one that finds innovative solutions within their means. With these budget-friendly strategies, you can navigate the path of family preparedness with confidence, ensuring that your loved ones are safeguarded without compromising financial stability.

Do you have any tricks for saving money when building up your prepper arsenal? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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