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Surviving the Unthinkable: The Family Edition

Set of necessary things in case of accident or disaster

Families form the heart of any community, and in times of crisis, the collective strength of family can make a significant difference. While survival preparation often falls to one dedicated individual, true resilience comes when the entire family gets involved. Let’s delve into how to ensure every family member, from toddlers to grandparents, plays a role in the prepping process, ensuring safety, and unity if disaster strikes.

Start with a Conversation


Engaging family in the importance of being prepared is the foundation. Sit everyone down and discuss potential risks in your area – be it natural disasters, power outages, or other emergencies. Explain the importance without inciting panic, focusing on the benefits of being ready and proactive.

Assign Roles Based on Age and Ability

  • Young Children: While they might be limited in physical tasks, young ones can learn essential survival skills. Teach them about 911, basic first-aid, and even fun tasks like identifying edible plants.
  • Teenagers: Older kids can handle more responsibilities, like learning to cook on a portable stove, setting up tents, or reading maps. They can also be tech liaisons, managing emergency apps and communications tools.
  • Adults: Can take charge of the heavy lifting: physical defense, primary first aid, food storage, and major decision-making. Additionally, they can divide administrative roles like budgeting for prep tools or researching survival techniques.
  • Seniors: Their experience is invaluable. They can share wisdom from past events, skills like knitting or preserving food, and even stories to keep morale high during tense times.

Family Drills

Rehearsal is key. Conduct regular drills for various scenarios, be it fires, tornadoes, or home invasions. Over time, these rehearsals will help in fine-tuning your family’s response and identifying any weak points in your preparation.

Prep Together

  • Food: Involve everyone in preserving and canning processes. Younger kids can label, while older members help with cooking and sealing.
  • Water: Assign a family member to check water storage, ensuring its cleanliness and rotation.
  • Gear: Let each member personalize their bug-out bag, but with guidelines. This gives a sense of ownership and ensures everyone’s familiar with their kit.
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Document Safety

Having a hard and digital copy of important documents (birth certificates, deeds, passports) is vital. Appoint a family member as the ‘keeper of records’ – making sure they’re both secure and accessible.

Community Network

It’s not just about your immediate family. Connect with other families and create a local network of preppers. Together, you can pool resources, share tips, and provide mutual support.

Turning survival prepping into a family affair doesn’t just increase your chances of overcoming adversity; it strengthens familial bonds. The combined skills, dedication, and unity of a family working towards a common goal make for an unparalleled force. Remember, it’s not about fostering fear; it’s about building confidence, resilience, and the understanding that, as a unit, you can face whatever the world throws your way.

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