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Wilderness First Aid: Essential Skills for Survivalists

In the wild, accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time.You don’t have to be a seasoned survivalist or a nature enthusiast to start preparing for wilderness accidents. Knowing how to provide first aid in the wild can mean the difference between life and death.  The wilderness is unforgiving, filled with rugged...

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Emergency Preparedness For Non-Preppers: Disaster Survival Basics

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for the end of the world as know it or just a regular guy trying to live a regular life with his family. You need to have some kind of emergency preparedness program in place. You might not be worried about the grid going down, a nuclear attack or …...

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Stay In Touch: Alternative Communication Devices For Disasters

One area where most preppers fail in their preparation is alternative communication devices. Too many people don’t think about the impact of a disaster on their ability to communicate quickly and easily with their family and other members of their party.  Assume that the power grid is working. You and a million other people are...

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Bugging Out In A Winter Wonderland: Cold Weather Bugout Prep

Winter is coming. For preppers that means a unique set of challenges related to your bug out plan. Bugging out will be a challenge whenever you might have to do it. However, winter provides special challenges that can quickly turn a stressful nightmare into a fatal trip to nowhere. So as the weather gets colder, …...

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Keep Your Home Warm During Winter When The Grid Goes Down

We tend to take heating for granted. Sure, everyone grumbles about the increased cost of paying to heat their home during the winter… but we all expect heat to come out of the walls whenever we turn the thermostat.  But what if the heat didn’t come out of the walls? Millions realized just how this …...

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