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Getting More From Your Garden: Preserving Your Home Harvest

Home gardens are fun, but they can also be delicious if you’re growing things that you and your family can eat. Too many home gardeners, however, are content to have a ton of tomatoes that last a week and then give the rest away – or worse than that, throw them out when they go …...

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Lone Wolves Won’t Make It: How To Build A Survival Community

Forget an AR-15, an RPG or even a tank. The most powerful weapon you can have for a SHTF scenario is the community around you.  In the event that the S does HTF, you’re not going to be able to rely on your contacts you made online. Maybe you can communicate with them with a …...

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Preserving Food for Winter: Time-Tested Methods for Flavorful and Nutrient-Rich Pantry Staples

Winter is approaching, meaning the summer and fall harvests are just about done. Still, that doesn’t mean saying goodbye to fresh, delicious, and nutritious homegrown food until spring blooms anew.  You can harness age-old techniques of food preservation, filling your pantry with flavorful, nutrient-rich staples to keep your...

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Emergency Preparedness For Non-Preppers: Disaster Survival Basics

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for the end of the world as know it or just a regular guy trying to live a regular life with his family. You need to have some kind of emergency preparedness program in place. You might not be worried about the grid going down, a nuclear attack or …...

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Thriving in Any Situation: Indoor Gardening for Survivalists

Preparation is the key to surviving – and thriving –  in any situation. Stockpiling essential food supplies can help. However, your food supplies are eventually going to run out on a long enough timeline.  Enter indoor gardening for survivalists: growing your own fresh produce in your own home to provide a reliable source...

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