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Clean Up: Getting Started With Homemade Soap

The best survival projects aren’t just things you need to survive. Because, after all, who knows when the end of the world as we know it will be upon us? The best survival projects are things that you can undertake are enjoyable projects you can do with your family that allow you to spend quality …...

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How You Can Get Your Feet Wet Canning Food For Survival

Pre-made survival food can be a great way to augment your emergency food supplies. However, it’s expensive and generally isn’t the best thing to make the base of your food supply pyramid. Still, there’s a problem of long-term storage when prepping for disasters and most people don’t want to spend a mint solving it. Preppers...

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Bugging Out In A Winter Wonderland: Cold Weather Bugout Prep

Winter is coming. For preppers that means a unique set of challenges related to your bug out plan. Bugging out will be a challenge whenever you might have to do it. However, winter provides special challenges that can quickly turn a stressful nightmare into a fatal trip to nowhere. So as the weather gets colder, …...

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Is Off-Grid Life The Right Choice For You And Your Family?

It might be the “new American dream.” We’re talking about off-grid living.  For those not in the know, living off-grid means that you have absolutely no connections to the power grid, community water or gas. You’re a self-contained little unit. That means that you can’t rely on the outside world for any of these basic...

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Grid Down: It’s Worse Than You Think!

There’s no two ways about it: the national power grid is extremely fragile. We learned a bit about this during the massive Texas blackout in 2021. They have their own power grid, which is supposed to be resilient… and yet millions were left without power for two weeks due to a simple ice storm. It’s …...

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