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Emergency Preparedness For Non-Preppers: Disaster Survival Basics

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for the end of the world as know it or just a regular guy trying to live a regular life with his family. You need to have some kind of emergency preparedness program in place. You might not be worried about the grid going down, a nuclear attack or …...

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Thriving in Any Situation: Indoor Gardening for Survivalists

Preparation is the key to surviving – and thriving –  in any situation. Stockpiling essential food supplies can help. However, your food supplies are eventually going to run out on a long enough timeline.  Enter indoor gardening for survivalists: growing your own fresh produce in your own home to provide a reliable source...

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Stay In Touch: Alternative Communication Devices For Disasters

One area where most preppers fail in their preparation is alternative communication devices. Too many people don’t think about the impact of a disaster on their ability to communicate quickly and easily with their family and other members of their party.  Assume that the power grid is working. You and a million other people are...

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Starting A Fire In The Wild Without Gadgets

In a survival scenario you need food, you need water and you need shelter. You also need a heat source for a few reasons. First, there’s the small matter of keeping warm. Even if you live in a more temperate climate, the nights get pretty cold pretty fast. You’ll also need a heat source for …...

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How You Can Get Your Feet Wet Canning Food For Survival

Pre-made survival food can be a great way to augment your emergency food supplies. However, it’s expensive and generally isn’t the best thing to make the base of your food supply pyramid. Still, there’s a problem of long-term storage when prepping for disasters and most people don’t want to spend a mint solving it. Preppers...

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