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Tips on how to Mend a Damaged Toe at House

How to Mend a Broken Toe at Home


When you’ve been following my weblog for any size of time you could have observed that I are likely to write about whatever is on my mind or what I’m doing in the garden or perhaps I’ll let you know about the happenings in my kitchen…mainly I share my on a regular basis life with you.

So this previous weekend after I was hiking in Sedona, AZ — and taking a break to stroll barefoot within the river — foolish me slipped on a rock and jammed my toe into the a lot larger rock in entrance of it. I immediately knew that I had damaged my toe!

Is it unhappy that my very subsequent thought was, “I’ve to weblog about this!”

Being the nurse that I’m…I knew that going to the ER was pointless for this kind of factor. Necessary to notice: I’m not recommending that YOU forgo the knowledge of typical medication. And by all means please go see the professionals for remedy of any suspected fracture. It could possibly be worse than you assume! I’m just a bit loopy.

Assist Your Physique Heal Itself

After mountaineering the 5 miles again to my automotive, and driving 2 hours residence, my toe was throbbing and about triple in dimension. I needed to have assist to get out of the automotive and into the home as a result of I couldn’t put stress on the factor!

I knew I needed to have a two step method to remedy. Right here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Externally

How to Mend a Broken Toe at Home

  • Ice pack. To scale back swelling, place some kind of barrier (i.e. small material towel) between the ice and the pores and skin to forestall frostbite — depart the ice pack on for quarter-hour, then take away it for quarter-hour. Repeat.
  • Comfrey tincture. Due to a candy buddy — who shared with me a vial of her selfmade, home-grown comfrey tincture — I had this one available and able to go! After making use of it as wanted that night — between ice packs — I have to say this tincture relieved my ache virtually immediately. Discover ways to make your personal natural tincture by studying my step-by-step instructions here…
  • Comfrey, St. John’s wort, and Wormwood Salve. After making this burn and wound salve, fortunately I had every of those dried herbs in my natural cupboard. Mixing equal components collectively (to whole one ounce) and pouring 8 ounces of olive oil over them, I set the combination to infuse utilizing the fast steep technique. The properties of this salve embrace: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiseptic — I have been making use of it as wanted. Click here to be taught extra about my technique for making a medicinal salve…
  • Stabilization and elevation. One of the crucial essential issues to do for a damaged toe is to remain off of it and hold it elevated! Simpler mentioned than executed with little ones operating round and a house to maintain, proper 🙂 For stabilization, you should definitely safe the damaged toe to it’s non-broken toe neighbor. I used some coban, cotton between the toes, and a popsicle stick. This I launch and re-wrap every day. 

2. Internally

How to Mend a Broken Toe at Home

  • Valerian Tincture. One of many advantages of pondering forward and having natural preparations available is that they’re obtainable to you everytime you want them! Valerian is well-known for it’s means to induce sleep; nevertheless, it is a superb nerve tonic and delicate sedative…good for decreasing ache. And boy does these items work! Learn how to make your own…
  • Comfrey, Horsetail, and Oatstaw natural tea. The day of the break, and the day after, I drank a tea made from comfrey, horsetail, and oatstraw. Comfrey — a miracle herb in my view — accommodates many nutritional vitamins and vitamins very important to therapeutic resembling: vitamin B12, A, and C, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, iron, and mucilaginous compounds. Bonus…it’s a superb supply of protein. It assists in therapeutic damaged bones by serving to to enhance cell re-growth. Horsetail is excessive in silica — which works to revive bone tissue — and helps the physique higher soak up calcium. Oatstaw’s additionally silica-rich and is identified to be a gentle relaxant. I solely drank 3 cups of this tea over the span of a 24 hour interval…my toe stopped hurting. Right here’s an article explaining how I make my own teas at homeWord: By no means give this natural tea mix to pregnant or nursing moms. It’s no good for younger youngsters both. And in case your , I get my herbs for tea-making right here.
  • Eat a number of calcium wealthy meals. Ever because the fracture I’ve been consuming a number of kale, spinach, and greens from the backyard. I’m placing them in smoothies, sautes, and easily consuming uncooked. I’ve additionally stepped up my consumption of plain yogurt and kefir. If I had some sea veggies — like all of these items — that will be nice too.

Examine your details: There may be a number of controversy over using comfrey after a current FDA research that confirmed the ingestion of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in comfrey could cause liver harm. As all the time, I strongly encourage you to do.your.personal.analysis. Personally I really feel assured in the truth that comfrey has been used for 1,000’s of years with out ailing impact. I wouldn’t take the tea longer than a number of days (truthfully as a result of after solely a day of consuming it my toe stopped hurting). And I determine comfrey can’t harm my liver any worse than poisonous, pharaceutical pain-killers and acetaminophen for goodness sake 🙂 However once more, don’t take heed to me!


Wonderful! After 3 days of this remedy plan I’m able to stroll considerably usually. There are nonetheless instances when I’ve some discomfort, however nothing the comfrey tincture can’t handle 🙂 The swelling is down, however the bruising remains to be actually terrible. I’ll proceed with the Comfrey, St. John’s wort, and Wormwood salve.

Hopefully the toe will be largely healed inside a few weeks…we’ve got plans to hike the canyon and forage for wild horehound 🙂


-Apprehensive in regards to the warnings of ingesting comfrey? Substitute Nettle leaf as a substitute!

-To be taught extra about making your personal tinctures and salves, I extremely suggest you learn:

-Mountain Rose Herbs and/or the Bulk Herb Store are my go-to corporations for all my selfmade natural treatment wants!

 Now it’s your flip! Share with me your solutions…is there anything you suggest I do to deal with my poor toe?

How to Mend a Broken Toe at Home

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