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Tracking Summer Prey: Best Animals to Hunt in July Across America

For outdoor enthusiasts and hunting aficionados, July presents a unique opportunity to explore the bountiful wildlife across America’s diverse landscapes. As the summer sun casts its warm glow, it’s time to embark on thrilling hunting adventures while immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature. In this article, we will uncover the best animals to hunt in July and explore some of the prime hunting locations throughout the country. Get ready to sharpen your skills, embrace the thrill of the chase, and connect with the wilderness in unforgettable ways.

White-Tailed Deer: Pursuit in the Heartland

The majestic white-tailed deer, a prized game animal, can be found in abundance across various regions in the United States. In July, specific areas, particularly in the Midwest and South, offer prime deer hunting opportunities. States such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Missouri are renowned for their healthy deer populations and provide ample chances for successful hunts. With their keen senses and elusive nature, white-tailed deer hunting in these locations promises an exciting challenge.

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Wild Turkey: Gobbling Adventures

Hunting wild turkey in July can be an exhilarating experience, as these elusive birds provide both a thrilling pursuit and a rewarding feast. While turkey seasons are typically in the spring, some states, like South Carolina, Florida, and Hawaii, offer additional hunting opportunities during July. The dense woodlands and open fields of these regions provide ideal habitats for wild turkeys, and skilled hunters can put their stealth and calling techniques to the test.

Feral Hogs: Pursuing the Invasive Invaders

Feral hogs, an invasive species known for their destructive impact on ecosystems, can be hunted year-round in numerous states across the country. Texas, Florida, California, and the southern states have significant feral hog populations, making them prime hunting destinations. In July, when crops are maturing and the hogs are active, hunters have a chance to contribute to population control efforts while enjoying the thrill of the chase. Check out a great video by West Texas Hunting Guys on tips and tricks to hunting feral hogs below.

West Texas Hunting Guys TOP 5 HOG HUNTING TIPS!

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July offers an exciting array of hunting opportunities across America’s diverse landscapes. Whether you set your sights on the elusive white-tailed deer, challenge yourself with wild turkey hunting, or join the battle against invasive feral hogs, the experiences and memories forged in the great outdoors are bound to be unforgettable. Remember to familiarize yourself with local hunting regulations, obtain the necessary licenses and permits, and prioritize ethical hunting practices.

As you embark on your hunting adventures, respect the natural world, appreciate the beauty of the wilderness, and cherish the connections you form with the ecosystems that sustain us. Happy hunting, and may your journeys in July be filled with success, excitement, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature.

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Last modified: July 6, 2023