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Understanding Why Being Ready for Tomorrow Means Prepping Today

Understanding Why Being Ready for Tomorrow Means Prepping Today

As a prepper, there will often be times when you question your own sanity. You’ll need to plan and put up with certain inconveniences that will seem unnecessary… but you have no choice.

For example, if you have a basement, you may need to clear out a lot of space so that you can store several large plastic bottles of water. You know the importance of having potable water and you can never store too much of it for a crisis.

This is something that other people will not have to deal with since they’re not preppers. Other inconveniences will be buying food in bulk and storing it. Rotating your food stocks and consuming what’s about to expire will be another hassle that you have to endure.

So, these little bugbears may make you wonder if it’s all even worth it. After all, the crisis may never arrive. How long will you keep being ready?

Once you start questioning your own purpose, you’ll lose your sense of self and doubts will arise. Rest assured that this is normal. In this article, we’ll look at why you must be ready for tomorrow and why it means preparing today.


Anything Can Happen

A crisis can strike at any time. You may be preparing for a hurricane, but there could be a terrorist attack that leads to curfews. You could be storing food for a possible snowstorm, but there happens to be a flood that blocks the major roads.

Any time a crisis occurs, just being ready gives you the extra edge. You’ll be calmer and less panicky than those who have not prepared. By preparing today, you’ve increased your chances of survival for more than one crisis.


Lower Your Risks

Usually, crises can either affect lives or property and it’s usually both. Being prepared lowers your risk. If you have a well-stocked first aid kit at home, you can treat your family member should they get injured.

If there’s a shortage of water and all you have is water in the swimming pool, you could treat it with a water purification tablet and use a water filtration device to drink the water. You can only do this if you’re prepared with these items… and in this case, it will lower your risk of dehydration.


Skills Take Time

Some skills like first aid, unarmed combat, becoming proficient with firearms, outdoor survival, etc. require time to master. Each of these skills will play a role should the necessity arise.

If someone needs immediate CPR, your first aid skills will help. If you’re under threat from hostile people, knowing how to defend yourself or use a gun just may save your life. If you’re bugging out in the wild, wilderness survival skills are crucial.

Since it will take you a while to learn and be good at these skills, by starting today you’ll be much better off when crisis does strike.


Mindset Matters

Being a survivalist requires a certain mindset. You’ll need to be alert and aware of any impending danger. You may need to be frugal with your finances in order to buy and store the supplies you need.

Your mindset will decide how good a prepper you are. So, become comfortable with your desire to be ready. There’s nothing wrong in being different from everyone else. In fact, it’s better that you be. The sheep are often blindly led to the slaughter.

Be ready and prepared. Know who you are and what you need to do in order to survive. Accept it. Endure it. Embrace it. You are a survivor.

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Last modified: July 19, 2023