Urgent Alert: Government Overreach Accelerates as Ninth Circuit Ruling Threatens Total Ban on Natural Gas



In a chilling move, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States has coldly rejected any reconsideration of its decision, paving the way for the City of Berkeley, California, to implement a sweeping ban on new natural gas hookups. For preppers and survivalists, this alarming ruling intensifies concerns over escalating government interference in personal lives and raises the specter of a broader assault on fuel sources crucial for self-sufficiency.

Berkeley, once again at the forefront of controversial environmental policies, initiated the ban on gas stove hookup installations in 2019, mandating that all newly constructed buildings be all-electric from January 1, 2020. Now, with the recent Ninth Circuit decision, the government’s ability to dictate energy choices in the name of environmental goals looms larger than ever.

The California Restaurant Association’s (CRA) legal battle to protect businesses affected by this draconian ban highlights the stark reality facing individuals and families who rely on natural gas for their daily needs. The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of 1975, intended to prevent such overreach, is being undermined, paving the way for a potentially disastrous precedent where the government can dictate how individuals power their homes and cook their food.

The Ninth Circuit’s assertion that Berkeley overstepped its bounds by prohibiting natural gas piping in new buildings raises urgent questions about the government’s authority and its reach into the fundamental choices that individuals make for their households. As the ruling aligns with the Biden administration’s broader efforts to restrict gas stoves nationwide, a palpable fear surrounds the potential for an alarming shift towards a total ban on natural gas—a crucial energy source for approximately 38 percent of U.S. households, as per the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

For preppers and survivalists, the writing on the wall is clear: government overreach threatens the very foundations of self-sufficiency. This ruling serves as a stark reminder that the fight for individual freedom and the right to choose one’s energy sources is more critical than ever. As the government encroaches further into our daily lives, the ominous prospect of being stripped of essential fuel sources becomes a haunting reality, demanding heightened vigilance and preparedness for an uncertain future.

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