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US Sees Surge In Psychopathy, A Sign Of Impending Social Collapse


The United States, seemingly entrenched in the middle stages of collapse, is experiencing a surge of sociopaths and psychopaths testing the limits of their impulses without fear of consequences. This unsettling reality raises the stakes, prompting an urgent need for preparedness, not just for a future collapse, but in our day-to-day lives. 

Over the past decade, the surge in mass violence and theft paints a grim picture. Social media, a double-edged sword, facilitates the spontaneous organization of riots with little warning, targeting random individuals or property. Yet, beneath the surface, there is a palpable escalation towards direct harm against people.

The tipping point draws near, where the objective shifts from opportunistic theft or vandalism to using instability as a smokescreen for inflicting harm on others. Psychopaths exploit the chaos of political turmoil to unleash violence or manipulate others to do so. Unchecked criminal actions during a social breakdown trigger a domino effect, as the crumbling system no longer incentivizes proper behavior.

The underlying psychological analogy of a spoiled toddler gaining unchecked power in a delicate museum becomes more distressing. As a portion of the adult population retains these destructive tendencies, the impending collapse creates a breeding ground for individuals waiting to exploit opportunities without consequences.

Law enforcement’s retreat during a breakdown leaves the public defenseless. Gangs and looters swiftly organize, leading to widespread violence and minimal opposition. The impending sense of doom reaches its zenith when ordinary people are too afraid to leave their homes. The imperative for neighborhood-level organizations with an assertive stance becomes more urgent to prevent brutal attacks on the population.

In a disturbing twist, the psychopaths contributing to the collapse may lurk within the very government entrusted to protect liberties. The inversion of good and evil, exemplified by double standards in the treatment of leftist activist mobs versus conservative protesters, heightens the anxiety. Such conditions empower and embolden predatory individuals, escalating the risk of societal disintegration.

The protection afforded to psychopaths now emerges as a catalyst for rapid upheaval, underscoring the pressing need for heightened awareness and preparedness in the face of an imminent and uncertain future. You are your own first responder – you and your family’s safety are yours to take control of in an increasingly disordered and dangerous world. 

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